Getting Ready for Kindergarten

At It's A Good Day Preschool, we prepare your child academically for kindergarten by teaching the following:

Phonics:  Learns to recognize, sound out, and write letters of the alphabet. Rhymes and sings songs. Looks, listens to and talks about books and learns about syllables.

Names:  Learns to recognize and write their own name.

Math:  Counts, learns what a number is, finds and forms shapes and patterns, measures, sorts, categorizes and compares objects.

Journals:  Keeps a weekly journal with thoughts in their own words and artwork reflecting each journal entry. Journals are presented at graduation.

Social and Emotional:  Works in groups, sharing, taking turns, cleaning up, helps organize room, practice manners, develops conflict resolution, and develops communication and conversation skills.

Everyone is a friend at It's A Good Day Preschool!